A fascinating experience and an opportunity to take some great photos! A 3D painting is an image that has been geometrically distorted in such a way that it creates a perfect SPATIAL ILLUSION when viewed from a specific angle. The paintings invite the viewer to interaction and play – you will find yourself trapped in the jaws of a shark, balancing over a deep chasm, or floating in space. 3D paintings are made to be photographed which is why they have such a huge viral and marketing potential in today’s world of SOCIAL MEDIA. A 3D painting in both the exterior or interior can be successfully used for guerrilla marketing, increasing the attractivity of a space, and garnering publicity for a brand or a product. It will ensure a non-conventional and unforgettable 3D product launch experience, a 3D film premiere, or a corporate or social event.



Download the catalogue of the 3D exhibition available for rent.

Offer your visitors, customers, or partners something extraordinary. The 3D exhibition is ready for deployment, and we will take care of its complete realisation! Have up to EIGHT 3D ILLUSION PAINTINGS in your space with the possibility of displaying your brand on some of them. The 3D exhibition for rent is ready. We print on high quality self-adhesive floor paper with a lifespan of 3 months. The plastic film has a R10 certification according to the DIN 51130 norm, and a certification for sport surfaces according to the DIN V 18032 norm. We also print on carpet materials.



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Paintings can be done according to your specifications and requirements not only on a floor, but also on a wall, a ceiling, or a combination of more surfaces at once. Leave conventionality behind and give your shop or shop window a modern 3D look, which everyone will love to take pictures with. During commissioned work, we also do a LIVE SHOW where we paint in the middle of the city in front of a live audience, or in a space that you want to make more attractive to the public.

Dělová koule
Krevní řečiště - Novartis
Pád monarchie
Petronas towers
Rock for People
Svatý Václav
Žralok II

o nás


Both Patrik Prosko and Jan Jirovec are active in various fields of artistic creation and utilize a wide spectrum of contemporary and traditional materials and technologies. Their works range from free creation, through portraits and memorial plaques, artistic interventions into interior and exterior spaces, collaborations with architects and scientists, to murals. They have been working together on developing 3D paintings with illusionary projections of space since 2012.

Patrik Proško is a sculptor, visual artist, and traveller. After finishing Secondary Art School in Bechyne, he graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) under professor V. K. Novak. In his personal work, he creates non-invasive art in public space which he treats as his sculpting material and painting canvas. He uses various artistic approaches and a certain method of visual manipulation to create a specific artwork for a given place. He has created more than 60 large scale realisations in the landscapes of 21 different countries in the world. His work also entails hyper-realistic sculptures of scientific reconstructions of animals and people, expressive portrait sculptures, or illusionary anamorphous installations and paintings exhibited at the Illusion Art Museum at the Old Town Square in Prague....read more

Jan Jirovec graduated in painting and sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, atelier of New Media under Veronika Bromova. He supports his artistic endeavours with colourful activities in the creative industry e.g., film prop making, 3D paintings, or sculpture exhibits for the National Museum. He creates paintings, sculptures, objects, and uses various possibilities of their mutual combination. The main anchor of his work are traditional tools of expression and often explicitly academic forms on which he, however, applies innovative technological methods. Content-wise, he mainly explores themes of timeless existential questions seen through the lens of man’s relationship to landscape, architecture, and cultural tradition....read more


Patrik Proško

(+420) 607 531 021


Jan Jirovec

(+420) 777 825 111


Download the catalogue of the 3D exhibition available for rent.